Beamforming Mic Array -BMA CT

The BMA CT is a patented ceiling tile beamforming mic array that blends in perfectly with today’s drop ceilings.

Key Highlights

  • Built in acoustic echo cancellation, noise cancellation, and beam selection eliminate the need for per-beam processing in a DSP mixer – requiring fewer DSP mixer resources.
  • Built in 2×10 Watt into 8-ohm power amplifier conveniently drives loudspeakers.
  • Enables multi-array setups that can utilize a single low channel count DSP mixer.
  • Integrated features can significantly reduce system design complexity, simplify installation, streamline configuration and programming, consume less rack space, and lower cost.
  • Daisy chain ceiling tiles via P-Link for larger conference setups – for simpler wiring and longer distances compared to networked “home run” connections.
  • Adaptive steering (think of it as smart switching) – no need to adjust individual beams – for impeccable room coverage.
  • Use P-Link to daisy chain additional peripherals such as wireless mics, USB Expanders, and GPIO Expanders.
  • ClearOne’s BMA technologies are protected by at least a dozen patents and pending patent applications.
  • Ceiling tiles and peripherals can be P-Linked with zero consumption of analog I/O and signal processing in the DSP mixer leaving those resources available for other needs.
  • Supports three different ceiling grid types: 24-inch for US, 600 mm, and 625 mm for international.
  • Each ceiling tile microphone array supports long distance P-Link mode with 650 feet (200 meters) between tiles, for a total cable reach of 1950 feet (600 meters).


  • Audio Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing


  • Boardrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Training centers
  • Lecture halls
  • Courtrooms
  • Telemedicine facilities

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