Digital Poster

AERO Digital Poster is the leading choice for an operator that needs to optimize space to increase revenue with last mile promotions. Be it indoor events, retail shops, interior design studios or for another advertising purpose, it features a very sleek and slim design that helps in minimizing the space occupied by the screen and with its remarkable long-structure design, it is tailored to craft superior experience. This state-of-the-art Digital Poster Display has a high contrast ratio and refresh rates and showcase dynamic content, such as high-resolution photos, scrolling text and video graphics with wide viewing angles giving the audience a more satisfying visual experience.

Its design makes the installation less demanding and more convenient for transportation. AERO Digital Poster is truly plug-and-play, all-in-one device. No external media player, external speakers, or unattractive cables required. Furthermore, anti-reflective glass-coated screens lend the Digital Poster series of displays an allure that integrates seamlessly into a boutique and high-end retail operations and sophisticated interior digital aesthetics.

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