Maintenance and Support

Source Us provide every level of audio visual AV maintenance, and AV technical support, with fast response times, preventative maintenance, online fault reporting and annual reviews. Anyone who has experienced technical failures, either just before or during a presentation to clients or an important staff meeting will understand the need for the audio visual system to be properly maintained, with competent technical support personnel.


System Audit and Health Check

Where the audiovisual system is existing, and has not been designed and installed by Source Us, we will complete an audit of the system to identify all of the components that make up the system. We will then evaluate the system by reviewing the design, cabling and sometimes performing technical analysis tests.

Telephone Support

As part of our maintenance cover we provide telephone support. You will be able to speak to a qualified engineer, system designer or programmer to discuss the issue at hand.

Maximum Call-Out Response Times

Each contract will have a maximum call-out response time. Thus, providing you peace of mind that you will receive technical assistance on-site within a pre-determined time limit. You can also be assured that the person who attends will be fully qualified to do so.

Preventive Maintenance

At predetermined times, we shall attend site to carry out a full check of the audiovisual system. Each Source Us contract carries a detailed technical breakdown of exactly what work will be undertaken at each preventive maintenance visit. Following each visit the client receives a report detailing what work was completed, any potential future issues and any recommendations to aid future reliability.

Outside of Contract Services

If a client is covered by an Source Us audio visual maintenance contract, they receive the added benefit of substantially reduced labour rates for additional services that relate specifically to the covered equipment. An example of this may be to have an engineer on stand-by over a weekend for an important client presentation just in case there may be an issue on the day. However, many more possibilities exist!

Annual Review

We undertake an annual review of each AV maintenance contract we have to ensure that we have met our client’s expectations, review the system reliability and discuss ways in which the system could be improved in the future.


Software Developments & Updates

The majority of modern integrated audio visual technology, and in particular video conference systems, require regular updates of the latest software to ensure the very best reliability and compatibility. Source Us contracts can include full and regular updates of the latest software for all components.

Event Support

Some of our clients run critical events throughout the year and require a qualified technician to be on-hand should a problem arise during the show. Therefore, we can build value added features into our contracts to provide event assistance or management to ensure you have peace of mind whenever you may need us.

Ongoing Training

We can build into our audio visual maintenance contracts, either ongoing training ‘on-site’ for clients who don’t have their own in-house support staff, or, where video conferencing has been deployed, ‘remote’ training can be provided.